France is the number one burger consumer in the world. Based on this observation, it is easy to imagine a whole host of variations to make the burger, a meal made to measure.

It’s a story that begins around three longtime friends, Manu, Julien and David. The first comes from HEC, the second is a baker by training and the third worked with diamonds. A new mix that leads to a concept in May 2019: The French Bastards.

Give Fashion a new meaning. It is through this wish that Rhiza draws all its inspiration.

In the beginning, a small studio on Boulevard Sebastopol and a delivery van. Three years later, the company integrates the plastic injection process into its production.

It’s around this idea that Leo Nataf built his project, against a background of trips, singular encounters and strong experiences.

Brush, spray can and hand acrylic paint, Zoulliart creates, customises and innovates in his workshop in Levallois-Perret.

Balzac wrote, “Paris is the only city in the world where there are these eclectic houses where all opinions, desires and vices are received with a decent stake”. A thought that took the form of an axiom for Alexandre Rapoud.

It is often necessary to undertake to hope, and to persevere to succeed.
At least that’s what Naomi and Manu think, the prominent new generation of the Gunther family, a brother and sister who made the bold choice.


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