Datsha Underground : The eclecticism by excellence

Balzac wrote, “Paris is the only city in the world where there are these eclectic houses where all opinions, desires and vices are received with a decent stake”.
A thought that took the form of an axiom for Alexandre Rapoud.
At the age of 26, he is already a well-established entrepreneur, who aspires today to equate places of consumption with places of life. At number 57 of the rue des Gravilliers, in Paris, the Datsha Underground takes shape. A renovated site of noble materials that combines concrete with marble, wood and bricks from Serbia, all in a desire of immersion of a new kind. A place to escape.

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What is Datsha?

Historically, this is the name given to secondary houses in Russia (Datcha).
In Paris, it will be a façade with three doors, the left one for the Spootnik Cosmic Bar, and the right one for the restaurant.
I am a great dreamer, passionate about everything that affects all forms of extraterrestrial life! I also have a great penchant for pyramid builders, which is a bit like the idea of a timeless structure that resists with these imperfections, which is an idea that I like. On the other hand I am also a big fan of all that is futuristic, with a particular wink to the fifth element.
The work started a year ago, but the project really took shape on a day-to-day basis, and the project was rather daring because it’s not just a restaurant.
So it was important for me to realize this dream alongside someone who really knew how to embody it, from there I needed to make an out-of-the-ordinary meeting.
I managed to get the contact of Alexia (Duchêne) and in all sincerity, it is she that I wanted.
It was long before Top Chef and it was a little tricky to convince her without scaring her, it even took me two months. Without it, the project would surely not have taken the same dimension.

Tell us about Datsha’s cellar

This is something that Alexia and I had discussed for a long time, in particular she insisted that she wanted to accompany her natural wine list.
Then came the idea of proposing only European wines that could best accompany a fresh and seasonal cuisine, respectful of the environment, even if Alexia sends her cooks to pick.
With all this, we manage to offer a varied menu of Georgian, Hungarian, Swiss or German wines, which leads us to be the only French restaurant that does not offer local wines.

What’s the Spootnik Cosmic Bar?

It is the result of my passion for space, an underground cocktail bar in which you really travel, lulled by strong musical performances hip-hop, soul jazz…
It’s an experience I purposely wanted to immerse, with a new way of partying in safety with a new window that means you can still go to work the next day.



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