Give fashion a new meaning. It is through this wish that Rhiza draws all its inspiration. Rhiza is above all a tribute. A metaphor straight from ancient Greece, the historical cradle of our civilization. A fundamental pillar that embodies itself in all the creations of the brand, which unveiled its first collection last month. A first season called Songes d’une nuit d’hiver.
A nod that will not escape the fans of the Shakespearean theatre, who will remember the enchantment and magic that led two couples to meet each other at the end of a complex story. A mixture which is at the origin of this first collection which is meant to be the image of the “Rhiza Woman”: Bold, Authentic and Original.

Julia Tordjman, Founder of Rhiza © ART AND PIECES

Who is hiding behind Rhiza?

Right now, just me. I grew up in Paris until I was 17, and then I did an international degree that allowed me to study abroad. So I went to live in New York to study at the Parsons School of Design with a major in fashion/design and I also took courses in psychology, entrepreneurship and textiles.
Once back in Paris, I did an internship at Carven for several months, which allowed me to learn within the creative studio and among designers. I have taken on a number of roles that have taught me what the business world is and have brought me to where I am today.
Then, I collaborated with a freelance mesh brand to create an androgynous capsule collection. Just after this experience I embarked on the creation of my high-end women’s ready-to-wear brand: Rhiza.

Tell us more about your project…

Rhiza was born from a strong desire to explore the textile world and all the creative possibilities brought by this craft. I started by taking an interest in textiles in digital printing and quickly realized that you could create everything from that, and that a concept could become a digital file and then a 4D fabric. So I explored this craft and I came to create Rhiza in order to be able to mix certain textiles and bring to the woman a lot of color and matter in a life that can sometimes seem a bit dull.

Why ‘Rhiza’?

Rhiza? It means root in ancient Greek, it was basically a word and a metaphor that represented what Greek culture had brought to our civilization and modern culture. The concept is somehow linked to Greece, you’re always going to find a link in the textiles, the sets, their history and the different characters you create, and what you create them for.

An overview of the Rhiza universe?

The next collection will be called Songes d’une nuit d’hiver in tribute to Shakespeare’s play and a poem by Raymond Queneau.
In this story, we have a kind of love quartet that leads our protagonists to find themselves promised to a certain person and to end up with someone who is ultimately not intended for them. In the end, everyone mixes up, and this is what gave me the inspiration for the first collection of Rhiza, namely several sets with different patterns and prints. The goal is either to wear the ensemble that will have the name of a protagonist of the play, or to mix it up and marry him with his bride.

Three words to describe your brand?

Legacy, feminine, stand out.

Who is the Rhiza woman?

The Rhiza woman is someone attached to the idea of being noticed by distinguishing herself from others. It involves the purchase of a strong piece or set and who likes to marry the motifs, bring color to his outfit. The Rhiza woman is a woman who chooses what she wants to wear day and night, with the accessories she wants. It goes beyond the age groups, but the woman Rhiza loves to please herself first.

An example of something we will never see in Rhiza’s collections? 

What will we never see? Flesh-colored tights!

How do you see the evolution of your brand?

At first, I focused on the ready-to-wear, while imagining a collection of accessories, and for the near future, I would even like to develop a line of accessories and eventually a line of vase and other objects for the house. In a longer future, of course.
PS: I do pottery.

How do you do it when you are a young designer?

To begin with, you have to get out of it, and to get out of it, you have to have small jobs. As the money did not grow in the trees, I set myself a budget for Rhiza and another minimal envelope for my other occupations. I put as much money and energy into my project.
When you start to communicate, it also means getting out of your house, go networker, go talk to as many people with your pitch in mind to make your community grow as much as possible, and it’s true that at first it’s not easy every day.

For you, what’s the master piece you should have in your closet ?

For me, there are two of them, the little jacket that gives you an all-terrain look, and this little dress that helps out and makes you feel good.


How long will it takes you for a successful outfit?

To me it’s not a temporal concept, that there are days when I choose my outfit for the next week, just because I find clothes that have fallen from the hanger or hidden anywhere. But in general, I dress for the mood of the day, it saves time.

What’s your mood of the day?

Ambitious… #Bossmood

Three fashion winter “do”?

– The olive green of the Rhiza collection.
– Blend a more classic tartan or jacquard print with a floral print and always in the same colour.
– Lace tights, monogamous, printed on Rhiza and Art and Pieces.

Three fashion winter “don’t”?

I insist, but no skin colored tights, no leggings and of course: sandals-socks.

A word to conclude?



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